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Einstein’s steady-state theory: an abandoned model of the cosmos
Abstract We present a translation and analysis of an unpublished manuscript by Albert Einstein in which he attempted to construct a ‘steady-state’ model of the universe. The manuscript, which appearsExpand
Magnetospheric plasma physics : the impact of Jim Dungey's research
Introduction.- Dungey's Reconnection Model of the Earth's Magnetosphere - The First Forty Years.- Sun et Lumiere: solar wind-magnetosphere coupling as deduced from ionospheric flows and polarExpand
Segmentation and kinematics of the North America-Caribbean plate boundary offshore Hispaniola
We explored the submarine portions of the Enriquillo-Plantain-Garden Fault zone (EPGFZ) and the Septentrional-Oriente Fault zone (SOFZ) along the Northern Caribbean plate boundary usingExpand
One hundred years of the cosmological constant: from “superfluous stunt” to dark energy
Abstract We present a centennial review of the history of the term known as the cosmological constant. First introduced to the general theory of relativity by Einstein in 1917 in order to describe aExpand
Einstein’s 1917 static model of the universe: a centennial review
Abstract We present a historical review of Einstein’s 1917 paper ‘Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity’ to mark the centenary of a key work that set the foundations ofExpand
The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy
The Crab Nebula
Exploring the galaxies
Georges Lemaitre and the Foundations of Big Bang Cosmology.
Georges Lemaitre was a remarkable contributor to the advancement of cosmology in the heady years following two great revolutions in theoretical physics in the last century: general relativity andExpand