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Start codon targeted (SCoT) polymorphism reveals genetic diversity in wild and domesticated populations of ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaudich.), a premium textile fiber producing species
Effectiveness of employing SCoT markers in a cross pollinated heterozygous species like Boehmeria shows effectiveness, and would be useful for further studies in population genetics, conservation genetics and cultivar improvement. Expand
Studies on the diversity and selection of superior types in jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.)
From the analysis of genetic parameters, it could be concluded that characters like weight offresh flakes without seed, weight of fresh flakes with seed, stalk length, fruit yield per tree, rachis diameter, rACHis length, Fruit length, shelf life, number of flakes per kg of fruit, flake width, and sugar/acid ratio could be used as selection criteria for development of effective and productive plant types in jackfruit. Expand
Rapid and inexpensive NaOH based direct PCR for amplification of nuclear and organelle DNA from ramie (Boehmeria nivea), a bast fibre crop containing complex polysaccharides
Most of the PCR based approaches in plant science rely on lengthy and expensive DNA isolation protocols, which often involve use of hazardous chemicals. Direct PCR methods save time and cost ofExpand
Research on jute (Corchorus olitorius and C. capsularis) and kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus and H. sabdariffa): present status and future perspective
This review, attempts to summarize the achievements made in jute and kenaf research and also strive to highlight the constraints faced by the raw jute sector along with its possible mitigation options. Expand
Genetic resources of bael (Aegle marmelos Correa) - a potential underutilized fruit.
Six types of bael (Aegle marmelos Correa) trees in West Bengal have been identified as superior clones and are being conserved at the Faculty of Horticulture Research Station. Expand
Expert System for Integrated Stress Management in Jute (Corchorus olitorius L. and C. capsularis L.)
Jute (Corchorus olitorius L.= tossa jute and C. capsularis L.= white jute) is a traditional crop of nearly 300 years old with annual commercial value and provides livelihood to more than 5 millionExpand
Stability for fibre yield and its attributing traits in white jute (Corchorus capsularis L.).
The genotypes NDC2008 and NDC-200! were identified as stable for fibre yield and its attributing traits, over the environments on the basis of stability parameters Wi (Wricke 's Ecovalence) and Di (Hanson's genotypic stability). Expand