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Lamb wave dispersion ultrasound vibrometry (LDUV) method for quantifying mechanical properties of viscoelastic solids.
Diastolic dysfunction is the inability of the left ventricle to supply sufficient stroke volumes under normal physiological conditions and is often accompanied by stiffening of the left-ventricularExpand
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Osteogenic Potentiation of Human Adipose–Derived Stem Cells in a 3-Dimensional Matrix
Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) hold promise for use in tissue engineering. Despite growing enthusiasm for use of ADSCs, there is limited research that has examined their behavior in different inExpand
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On Lamb and Rayleigh wave convergence in viscoelastic tissues.
Characterization of the viscoelastic material properties of soft tissue has become an important area of research over the last two decades. Our group has been investigating the feasibility of using aExpand
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Masquelet Reconstruction for Posttraumatic Segmental Bone Defects in the Forearm.
PURPOSE The Masquelet technique is a procedure increasingly utilized for addressing segmental bone defects. The technique involves staged procedures consisting of bone debridement and temporaryExpand
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Treatment of Radial Head Fractures and Need for Revision Procedures at 1 and 2 Years.
PURPOSE Optimal treatment strategies for radial head fractures remain a subject of debate. We examined national practice patterns in the management of radial head fractures to determine rates ofExpand
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Cranial Suture Response to Stress: Expression Patterns of Noggin and Runx2
Background: Current theory on normal cranial suture fusion entrusts the dura with the regulatory role. Studies suggest that the dura responds to stress with changes in gene expression. Noggin (boneExpand
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Reliability of the Dorsal Tangential View in Assessment of Distal Radioulnar Joint Reduction in the Neutral, Pronated, and Supinated Positions in a Cadaver Model.
PURPOSE Intraoperative assessment of distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) alignment is often based on lateral radiographs whose interpretation is dependent upon positioning the forearm in neutral rotation.Expand
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Effect of initial emergency room imaging choice on time to hip reduction and repeat imaging.
OBJECTIVES Hip dislocations are highly morbid injuries necessitating prompt reduction and post-reduction assessment for fracture and incarcerated fragments. Recent literature has questioned the needExpand
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Radiographic Outcomes of Dorsal Spanning Plate for Treatment of Comminuted Distal Radius Fractures in Non-Elderly Patients
Purpose Multifragmentary fractures of the distal radius with articular and metaphyseal comminution (AO 23-C3) represent challenging injuries to manage. Distal fracture lines, articular comminution,Expand
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