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Grey Wolf Optimizer
The Whale Optimization Algorithm
The Ant Lion Optimizer
Multi-Verse Optimizer: a nature-inspired algorithm for global optimization
This paper proposes a novel nature-inspired algorithm called Multi-Verse Optimizer, based on three concepts in cosmology: white hole, black hole, and wormhole, which outperforms the best algorithms in the literature on the majority of the test beds.
Dragonfly algorithm: a new meta-heuristic optimization technique for solving single-objective, discrete, and multi-objective problems
  • S. Mirjalili
  • Computer Science
    Neural Computing and Applications
  • 1 May 2016
The results of DA and BDA prove that the proposed algorithms are able to improve the initial random population for a given problem, converge towards the global optimum, and provide very competitive results compared to other well-known algorithms in the literature.