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Multiple continental radiations and correlates of diversification in Lupinus (Leguminosae): testing for key innovation with incomplete taxon sampling.
Replicate radiations provide powerful comparative systems to address questions about the interplay between opportunity and innovation in driving episodes of diversification and the factors limitingExpand
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Chromosome numbers in the genus Mimosa L.: cytotaxonomic and evolutionary implications
Chromosome numbers were determined for 125 accessions of 92 taxa of Mimosa from all five of Barneby’s (Mem New York Bot Gard 65:1–835, 1991) taxonomic sections. For 69 species, 1 subspecies and 8Expand
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Números cromossômicos e implicações sistemáticas em espécies da subfamília Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae) ocorrentes na região sul do Brasil
The subfamily Ceasalpinioideae (Leguminosae) comprises around 2,800 species, many of which occurring in Brazil. For the Southern region of Brazil, 56 species economically, socially and scientificallyExpand
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Cytogenetics and Cytotaxonomy of Brazilian Species of Senna Mill. (Cassieae - Caesalpinioideae - Leguminosae)
Abstract Chromosome numbers, meiotic behaviour, meiotic indexes and pollen fertility are reported for 17 Senna Mill. species occurring in Southern Brazil. Haploid numbers were n=11, 12, 13, 14 andExpand
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Distribution and traits of climbing plants in subtropical and temperate South America
Questions How do climbing species richness and composition change between subtropical and temperate areas of southern South America? How do growth form (lianas and vines) and climbing mechanismsExpand
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O gênero Monnina (Polygalaceae) na Região Sul do Brasil
Here we present a taxonomic study of the genus Monnina in Southern Brazil, based on a literature survey and herbaria revision, field work in Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states, andExpand
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O gênero Eriosema (DC.) Desv. (Leguminosae- Papilionoideae) nos estados do Paraná e de Santa Catarina, Brasil
Eriosema e um genero pantropical, com cerca de 150 especies, relacionado filogeneticamente ao genero Rhynchosia Lour. Neste estudo foram confirmados dez taxons: Eriosema campestre Benth. var.Expand
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Three new species of Convolvulaceae Juss. from South America
Studies concerning Convolvulaceae in southern Brazil have revealed many novelties, such as new species and range extensions. In the present paper, three new species are described: CalystegiaExpand
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Micromorfologia da superfície do fruto de espécies de Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae) ocorrentes no estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
This work presents the surface micromorphology of fruits of 15 taxa of Mikania Willd. studied under scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The aim was to find characters to separate close species thatExpand
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