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[Indolent CD8+ lymphoid proliferation on the nose].
A case of indolent CD8+ lymphoid proliferation of the ear involving the nasal crest is reported and a number of cases recently published in the literature are related. Expand
Lymphoprolifération CD8+ indolente du nez
Cette nouvelle entite se caracterise par the presence of lesions infiltrees des oreilles, parfois bilaterales, peu symptomatiques dans la litterature; l’evolution reste cependant indolente. Expand
Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm following Waldenström macroglobulinemia
This paper presents a case report and review of the literature on Infantile systemic hyalinosis, a unifying term and a proposed grading system for juvenile hyaline fibromatosis, and mutations in the capillary morphogenesis gene-2 that result in the allelic disorders. Expand
A 43-year-old Brazilian man with a chronic ulcerated lesion.
There was a minor improvement of the lesion after pentamidine treatment, whereas the Leishmania research by microscopic examination, culture, and molecular biology was negative, however, these exams were done after treatment initiation, so an initial coinfection cannot be ruled out. Expand
Concomitant GNA11 and SF3B1 mutations in two cases of melanoma associated with blue naevus
This research presents a novel and scalable approach to Dermatology that aims to provide real-time information about the immune system’s response to Agent Orange and its effects on cancer progression. Expand
Radiotherapy-induced or focally enhanced autoimmune blistering diseases
Application of astaxanthin emulsion pre-treatment reduced the allergenic response to p-phenylenediamine-containing hair dye and could be beneficial regarding attempts to reduce the burden of allergic contact dermatitis caused by hair dye cosmetics in sensitized subjects. Expand
[Bullous pemphigoid under anti-PD1 therapy].