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A production of amino acids under possible primitive earth conditions.
  • S. Miller
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Science
  • 15 May 1953
atmosphere of methane, ammonia, water, and hydrogen instead of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and water was suggested by Oparin (1) and has been-given emphasis recently by Urey (2) and Bernal (3).Expand
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Organic compound synthesis on the primitive earth.
Since the demonstration by Pasteur that life does not arise spontaneously at the present time, the problem of the origin of life has been one of determining how the first forms of life arose, fromExpand
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Energy yields for hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde syntheses: The hcn and amino acid concentrations in the primitive ocean
Prebiotic electric discharge and ultraviolet light experiments are usually reported in terms of carbon yields and involve a large input of energy to maximize yields. Experiments using lower energyExpand
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The stability of the RNA bases: implications for the origin of life.
  • M. Levy, S. Miller
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 7 July 1998
High-temperature origin-of-life theories require that the components of the first genetic material are stable. We therefore have measured the half-lives for the decomposition of the nucleobases. TheyExpand
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Reasons for the occurrence of the twenty coded protein amino acids
SummaryFactors involved in the selection of the 20 protein L-α-amino acids during chemical evolution and the early stages of Darwinian evolution are discussed. The selection is considered on theExpand
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Prebiotic synthesis from CO atmospheres: Implications for the origins of life
Most models of the primitive atmosphere around the time life originated suggest that the atmosphere was dominated by carbon dioxide, largely based on the notion that the atmosphere was derived viaExpand
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Submarine hot springs and the origin of life
The discovery of hydrothermal vents at oceanic ridge crests and the appreciation of their importance in the element balance of the oceans is one of the main recent advances in marine geochemistry1.Expand
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The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: Prebiotic Chemistry, the Pre-RNA World, and Time
If it is assumed that life arose in a prebiotic soup containing most, if not all, of the necessary small molecules, then there was a large potential energy supply available on the primitive EarthExpand
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