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Feasibility of Using a Bone-Targeted, Macromolecular Delivery System Coupled with Prostaglandin E1 to Promote Bone Formation in Aged, Estrogen-Deficient Rats
PurposeMacromolecular delivery systems have therapeutic uses because of their ability to deliver and release drugs to specific tissues. The uptake and localization of HPMA copolymers using Asp8 asExpand
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Latent luciferase activity in the fruit fly revealed by a synthetic luciferin
Significance Few organisms are capable of glowing in the dark. Perhaps the best known example is the firefly, a beetle that can emit flashes of yellow-green light when the small molecule d-luciferinExpand
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A 15-watt dual band HBT MMIC power amplifier
A monolithic HBT power amplifier is presented for S and C band applications. The amplifier provides greater than 15 watts of peak output power at S and C bands with approximately 18 dB of gain. TheExpand
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A long term biological study has been completed that was designed to assess the predicted effects in humans of internally deposited 239Pu by comparison with 226Ra in beagles. Herein we summarize forExpand
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Realtime adaptive imaging
Sound speed variations within the human body degrade contrast and resolution in ultrasound images. Many algorithms have been proposed to compensate for these variations, but few have been tested onExpand
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Low cost plastic packaging for high-power limiters
We describe the design, construction, and performance of a T/R module receive limiter implemented in Lockheed Martin's Plastic High Density Interconnect (PHDI) technology. Realization of the receiveExpand
Methods for detecting PER2::LUCIFERASE bioluminescence rhythms in freely moving mice
Circadian rhythms are driven by daily oscillations of gene expression. An important tool for studying cellular and tissue rhythms is the use of a gene reporter, such as bioluminescence from theExpand