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Parents' Beliefs about Children's Cognitive Development.
MILLER, ScoTrr A. Parents' Beliefs about Children's Cognitive Development. CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 1988, 59, 259-285. Parents' beliefs about children's cognitive development are of interest both as a formExpand
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Cognitive development, 3rd ed.
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Theory of Mind: Beyond the Preschool Years
1. Theory of Mind. 2. First-Order Developments. 3. Second-Order False Belief. 4. Other Higher-Order Developments: Part 1. 5. Other Higher-Order Developments: Part 2. 6. Consequences of Second-OrderExpand
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Beliefs about Children: A Comparative Study of Mothers, Teachers, Peers, and Self
This study was designed to clarify findings from the parents' beliefs literature concerning the nature and the effects of parental accuracy. Subjects were 60 second- and fifth-grade children (meanExpand
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Will They Tell? Weapons Reporting by Middle-School Youth
Adding to the body of research that describes students who will bring weapons to school, the current research examined middle-school students' willingness to report when they know someone has aExpand
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Children's Understanding of Preexisting Differences in Knowledge and Belief
Abstract A basic developmental task for children is to understand how people may differ in what they know and believe. Some such differences stem from situationally provided contrasts in immediateExpand
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Children's Understanding of Second-Order False Belief: Comparisons of Content and Method of Assessment.
This research examined children's performance on second-order false belief tasks as a function of the content area for the belief and the method of assessing understanding. A total of 70 kindergartenExpand
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Child Psychology: The Modern Science
Introduction and Perspective. Theories of Child Development. Research Methods. Genetics: The Biological Context of Development. Prenatal Development. Physical Development: Birth, Motor Skills, andExpand
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Parental Beliefs, Parental Accuracy, and Children's Cognitive Performance: A Search for Causal Relations.
This study examined the accuracy with which parents can judge their children's cognitive abilities, as well as the relation between parental accuracy and the level of the child's performance.Expand
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