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Discovering mental toughness : a qualitative study of mental toughness in elite athletes
What is mental toughness? This research draws on the experience of elite athletes and coaches to unearth a conceptualisation and definition of mental toughness. The interviews of 33 elite athletes
The Psychological Performance Inventory: Is the mental toughness test tough enough?
Mental toughness, stemming in part from Loehr's 1986 classic research, is widely alluded to as a critical variable in the popular media and applied sport psychology. We evaluated the construct
Mental toughness : conceptualisation and measurement
Major challenges facing sport psychology researchers, practitioners, coaches, and athletes include understanding mental toughness and knowing how to train for it. Athletes and coaches have long
Organizational growth, survival and death in the U.S. hospital industry: a population ecology perspective.
An analytic framework for predicting organizational survival, growth and death in the U.S. hospital industry is developed and hypotheses derived from the framework focus on the particular form hospitals and multihospital systems will take, how they are likely to develop and the configuration of the health care delivery system under different assumptions about the environment.
Mental Toughness : Is the Mental Toughness Test Tough Enough ?
This represents the first stage of " research in progress " into the construct definition and validation of the mental toughness construct. The study evaluated the construct validity of responses to
Financial impact of the Medicare Fee Schedule on a department of anesthesiology in an academic medical center: two scenarios
This study shows that HCFA's future policy decisions with regard to anesthesiology reimbursement will have substantial financial consequences for many practicing anesthesiologists.
Developing a test for mental toughness : the Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI)
The Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI) is a 67-item self-report paper and pencil test that assesses 12 characteristics of mental toughness (self-efficacy, potential, mental self-concept, task
Financial impact of the Medicare Fee Schedule on a large multispecialty faculty practice in an academic medical center
Although there have been preliminary studies of the financial impact of the Medicare Fee Schedule (MFS) on specialty-specific groups of practicing physicians in an academic setting, there has been no