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A survey of antipredator controls at marine salmon farms in Scotland
Abstract A questionnaire survey was sent to managers of marine salmon farm sites in Scotland to update knowledge on problems from predators and the use of antipredator controls. Of the 195Expand
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Relationship between sea lice levels on sea trout and fish farm activity in western Scotland
The relationship between aquaculture and infestations of sea lice on sea trout, Salmo trutta L., is controversial. Here, the association between sea lice infestations on wild sea trout andExpand
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Functional and aggregative responses of harbour seals to changes in salmonid abundance
There is intense debate over the potential impact of seal predation on declining salmon stocks in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. However, efforts to model such interactions have beenExpand
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The Moray Firth Seal Management Plan: an adaptive framework for balancing the conservation of seals, salmon, fisheries and wildlife tourism in the UK
Within the Moray Firth, north-east Scotland, there is a history of conflict between seals and salmon fisheries. Under the UK's Conservation of Seals Act 1970 (CoSA) seals are shot to protectExpand
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Using quantitative real‐time PCR to detect salmonid prey in scats of grey Halichoerus grypus and harbour Phoca vitulina seals in Scotland – an experimental and field study
Summary 1. There is considerable debate over the impact of seal pr?dation on salmonid populations in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Conventional hard-part analysis of scats has suggested thatExpand
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Diet and prey selection of cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) at Loch Leven, a major stocked trout fishery.
Numbers of great cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo feeding in inland waters during winter have increased throughout Europe resulting in concerns over their impacts on fisheries. Loch Leven is aExpand
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Depth use and migratory behaviour of homing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Scottish coastal waters
Knowledge of swimming depths andmigration routes of homing Atlantic salmon in open coastal zones is urgently required to informdecisions on managing the species, e.g. for the sustainable developmentExpand
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Is the composition of dissolved organic carbon changing in upland acidic streams?
The quantity and composition of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) exported from upland soils to surface waters is a key link in the global carbon cycle and economically important for treating potableExpand
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Perceptions and costs of seal impacts on Atlantic salmon fisheries in the Moray Firth, Scotland: Implications for the adaptive co-management of seal-fishery conflict
The Moray Firth Seal Management Plan (MFSMP) was introduced in Scotland in 2005 as a pilot for resolving conflict between Atlantic salmon fisheries and conservation imperatives for protected harbourExpand
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Do ‘rogue’ seals exist? Implications for seal conservation in the UK
The management of conflict between people and large carnivores frequently focuses on the selective removal of the so-called ‘problem’ or ‘rogue’ animals. However, the existence of such individualsExpand
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