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Sexual Double Standards and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses: Social Rejection and Stigmatization of Women
This study investigated the influence of sexual double standards on perceptions of targets experiencing illness. Sexual transmission was predicted to result in greater stigmatization. A Target GenderExpand
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Relationship between smokers' modes of entry into quitlines and treatment outcomes.
OBJECTIVES To assess the relationship between the mode of entry into a quitline service and subsequent tobacco use treatment outcomes. METHODS A retrospective study using logistic regressionExpand
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Public Knowledge of and Support for Supervised Injection Sites in a Metropolitan Canadian Region
To determine the public’s knowledge of and support for supervised injection sites (SIS) in Waterloo Region and to assess the impact of educational pamphlets on attitudes towards harm reduction. PilotExpand
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Neuartiges Vanadiumsilikat als potenzielles Dekontaminationsmittel für Cäsium-belastete Wässer
Spatestens seit dem Reaktorungluck von Fukushima ist uns „Casium-137“ ein Begriff. Koreanische Wissenschaftler stellen in der Zeitschrift Angewandte Chemie jetzt ein neues Vanadiumsilikat vor, dasExpand
Terpenoids isolated from common ragweed show ability to induce airways irritation
Allergy to pollen of common ragweed is increasingly affecting patients and is second only to grass pollen in terms of incidence in the general population of many European countries. An Italian teamExpand
NIR-Fluorophore ermöglichen die spezifische Abbildung von Knorpelgewebe
Knorpelgewebe im Korper wird mit Magnetresonanztechniken und Computertomographie sichtbar gemacht. Die Qualitat ist jedoch haufig unbefriedigend. Amerikanische und sudkoreanische WissenschaftlerExpand
Graphit auf Diät in Lithiumionenakkus Mit Hydrogelen aus Graphen zu neuen Hochleistungselektroden
Wie kann man die Elektroden von Batterien und Akkumulatoren effizienter machen? In der Zeitschrift Angewandte Chemie stellen amerikanische Wissenschaftler solvatisierte Strukturen aus Graphen vor,Expand
Crystal Structure and Magnetism of Co2−xNixB2O5 Pyroborate
The high quality single crystals of Co2B2O5:Ni were synthesized. The detail study of crystal structure using single-crystal X-ray diffraction was carried out. The monoclinic symmetry was found (P21/cExpand
Making the Good Much Better Against Cancer Synthesis, Anti-tubulin and Antiproliferative Structure-Activity Relationship of Steroidomimetic Dihydroisoquinolinones
Tubulin, the building-block protein of cellular microtubules, is a well-validated cancer drug target: Disrupting tubulin polymerization affects cytoskeletal function and thus cell division. The vincaExpand