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Antibacterial activity of chitosans and chitosan oligomers with different molecular weights.
Antibacterial activities of six chitosans and six chitosan oligomers with different molecular weights (Mws) were examined against four gram-negative (Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas fluorescens,Expand
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Preparation and Characterization of Chitin and Chitosan—A Review
Various procedures for preparation of the biopolymers chitin and chitosan have been developed over the years. Preparation methodology and analysis of physicochemical properties of these biopolymersExpand
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Applications of chitosan for improvement of quality and shelf life of foods: a review.
Chitosan is a modified, natural biopolymer derived by deacetylation of chitin, a major component of the shells of crustacean. Recently, chitosan has received increased attention for its commercialExpand
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Isolation and characterization of chitin from crawfish shell waste
Comparaison des rendements et de la composition en chitine, proteines, calcium et pigments (astaxanthine) des carapaces de crustaces et des farines derivees. Les methodes de dosage sont decrites pourExpand
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Chitosan Coating Improves Shelf Life of Eggs
: Internal and sensory quality of eggs coated with chitosan was evaluated during a 5-wk storage at 25 °C. Three chitosans with high (HMw, 1100 KDa), medium (MMw, 746 KDa), and low (LMw, 470 KDa)Expand
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Crawfish chitosan as a coagulant in recovery of organic compounds from seafood processing streams
Utilisation du chitosane pour la recuperation des composes organiques notamment des acides amines libres dans les sous-produits de transformation des crustaces
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Antibacterial Activities of Chitosans and Chitosan Oligomers with Different Molecular Weights on Spoilage Bacteria Isolated from Tofu
Seven bacteria were isolated from spoiled tofu and identified as Bacillus sp. (S08), B. megaterium (S10), B. cereus (S17, S27, S28, S32), and Enterobacter sakazakii (S35). In a paper disc test with 6Expand
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Comparison of physicochemical, binding, and antibacterial properties of chitosans prepared without and with deproteinization process.
Physicochemical, binding, and antibacterial properties of chitosans prepared without and with deproteinization (DP) process (5, 10, 15, and 30 min at 15 psi/121 degrees C) were compared. ChitosanExpand
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Characterization of astaxanthin pigments from heat-processed crawfish waste.
  • S. Meyers, D. Bligh
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 1 May 1981
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The Microbial Degradation of Oil Pollutants
Abstract : The document contains the proceedings of a workshop held at Georgia State University December 4-6, 1972. The Workshop objectives were to determine the present status of knowledgeExpand
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