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Leish-KIT, a stable direct agglutination test based on freeze-dried antigen for serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis.
In order to increase the application potential of the direct agglutination test (DAT) for the detection of anti-Leishmania antibodies in human serum samples, we developed an antigen based on stainedExpand
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Onchocerca volvulus: application of the polymerase chain reaction to identification and strain differentiation of the parasite.
Previous studies have demonstrated that the genome of Onchocerca volvulus contains a variable tandemly repeated DNA sequence family with a unit length of 150 bp. The variability of the 150-bp familyExpand
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Development and application of the polymerase chain reaction for the detection and identification of Leishmania parasites in clinical material.
Detection, diagnosis and identification of Leishmaniasis may be difficult owing to low numbers of parasites present in clinical samples. The PCR has improved the sensitivity and specificity ofExpand
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Variation and distribution of forms of Simulium soubrense and S. sanctipauli in West Africa.
Examination of specimens from savanna areas of Togo and Benin attributable to Simulium soubrense and S. sanctipauli according to the criteria of Vajime and Dunbar (1975) revealed hitherto undescribedExpand
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The effect of 5 years of annual treatment with ivermectin (Mectizan®) on the prevalence and morbidity of onchocerciasis in the village of Gami in the Central African Republic
Abstract To assess the impact of 5 years of annual community treatment with ivermectin (Mectizan®) on the prevalence of onchocerciasis and onchocerciasis-associated morbidity, data collected, beforeExpand
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Visceral leishmaniasis: use of the polymerase chain reaction in an epidemiological study in Baringo District, Kenya.
The polymerase chain reaction was applied to capillary blood spots dried on filter paper from 20 parasitologically proved cases of visceral leishmaniasis (VL), 21 subclinical cases, and 11 healthyExpand
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Biochemical and molecular characterization of Leishmania parasites isolated from an endemic focus in eastern Sudan.
Twelve Leishmania isolates from visceral leishmaniasis patients in eastern Sudan were characterized using isoenzyme analysis, Southern blotting and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 'fingerprinting'.Expand
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Sudanese mucosal leishmaniasis: epidemiology, clinical features, diagnosis, immune responses and treatment.
The epidemiology, clinical features, pathology, immune responses, diagnosis and treatment of 14 patients with mucosal leishmaniasis in the Sudan are described. The condition occurred mainly in adultExpand
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Cloning and characterization of an Onchocerca volvulus specific DNA sequence.
A cloned sequence, pOvs134, was isolated from a genomic library prepared from Onchocerca volvulus of savanna origin in the plasmid pUC9. pOvs134 hybridizes to all the geographic isolates of O.Expand
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