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Subsurface Drainage in Iowa and the Water Quality Benefits and Problem
It is estimated that there are approximately 3.6 million ha of land with artificial subsurface drainage in Iowa, with 2.4 million ha of that within the 3000 organized drainage districts (total landExpand
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Seasonal changes in flow and nitrate-N loss from subsurface drains
Subsurface drainage from thirty-six, 0.4-ha plots was monitored for three years (1990 to 1992) from chisel plow, moldboard plow, ridge till, and no-till systems with continuous corn and corn-soybeanExpand
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Nitrogen Application Rate Effect on Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentration and Loss in Subsurface Drainage for a Corn-Soybean Rotation
Excess precipitation in Midwest agricultural production areas is often removed artificially via subsurface drainage systems that intercept and divert it to surface waters. Nitrogen (N), eitherExpand
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Swine Manure Management
Production of pork is a major agricultural enterprise in the United States, and a majority of the production occurs in the Midwest (Ohio to Nebraska and Minnesota to Missouri) and North Carolina.Expand
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Temporal Subsurface Flow Patterns from Fifteen Years in North-Central Iowa
Subsurface drainage in the Upper Midwest is of importance to agricultural production. However, proper management of these systems through in-field management, drainage management, or edge of fieldExpand
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Manure Incorporation Equipment Effects on Odor, Residue Cover, and Crop Yield
Land application of manure may produce unacceptable odors. Field experiments in undisturbed (no-till) soybean and corn residue were conducted to evaluate six liquid swine manureExpand
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Using Odor Control Technology to Support Animal Agriculture
ABSTRACT SEVERAL factors are contributing to increasing pressures brought on livestock and poultry producers: (a) encroachment of urban areas on animal production enterprises, (b) larger and moreExpand
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Nitrogen loss on tile-drained Mollisols as affected by nitrogen application rate under continuous corn and corn-soybean rotation systems
Helmers, M. J., Zhou, X., Baker, J. L., Melvin, S. W. and Lemke, D. W. 2012. Nitrogen loss on tile-drained Mollisols as affected by nitrogen application rate under continuous corn and corn-soybeanExpand
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