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Acute toxicity of fungicide formulations to amphibians at environmentally relevant concentrations.
Fungicide use on row crops is increasing dramatically due to promotion of these products for general plant health and increased yield even during low disease pressure. These fungicides are appliedExpand
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Effects of landuse and precipitation on pesticides and water quality in playa lakes of the southern high plains.
The 25000 playa wetlands within the Southern High Plains (SHP) of the United States of America (USA) are the dominant hydrogeomorphic feature in the region, providing habitat for numerous plants andExpand
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Ecosystem services provided by playas in the High Plains: potential influences of USDA conservation programs
Playas are shallow depressional wetlands and the dominant wetland type in the non-glaciated High Plains of the United States. This region is one of the most intensively cultivated regions in theExpand
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Contaminant exposure in terrestrial vertebrates.
Here we review mechanisms and factors influencing contaminant exposure among terrestrial vertebrate wildlife. There exists a complex mixture of biotic and abiotic factors that dictate potential forExpand
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Size estimation, morphometrics, sex ratio, sexual size dimorphism, and biomass of Morelet's crocodile in northern Belize
Abstract. We used morphometric data from 1276 Crocodylus moreletii captured in northern Belize (1992–2001) to develop predictive models for determining body size (total length [TL], snout-vent lengthExpand
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Metals and organochlorine pesticides in caudal scutes of crocodiles from Belize and Costa Rica.
Despite high animal diversity in the Neotropics and the largely unregulated use and disposal of pesticides and industrial chemicals in Central America, few data exist regarding accumulation ofExpand
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Low Levels of Nucleotide Diversity in Crocodylus moreletii and Evidence of Hybridization with C. acutus
Examinations of both population genetic structure and the processes that lead to such structure in crocodilians have been initiated in several species in response to a call by the IUCN CrocodileExpand
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Wild Populations of the Chinese alligator approach extinction
The Chinese alligator, Alligator sinensis, is on the verge of becoming extinct in the wild as a result of loss of natural wetlands in the lower Changjiang valley. Chinese alligators are only knownExpand
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Reproductive dynamics of a tropical freshwater crocodilian: Morelet's crocodile in northern Belize
Morelet's crocodile Crocodylus moreletii has not been well-studied and many aspects of its life history are unknown. In particular there is a notable paucity of information on nesting andExpand
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Physical loss and modification of Southern Great Plains playas.
Playas are the primary wetland system in the Southern Great Plains (SGP) of North America providing critical stopover habitats for migratory birds in the Western Hemisphere. Collectively, theseExpand
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