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The First Record of Aedes (Hulecoeteomyia) japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) and Its Establishment in Western Canada
This population and those in the Washington and Oregon states are clearly disjunct from those in eastern North America, and their origin, probably from one or more different introductions from Asia, is discussed.
Effects of pesticides on division of two lepidopteran cell lines and onAutographa Californica MNPV development in TN368 cells
There was little aberrant cell morphology in either of the cell cultures during incubation with most of the pesticides at their ID50 levels, and increasing toxicity paralleled decreasing water solubility, although the order of theicides varied somewhat according to the particular cell line and medium.
The effect of metal ions on the atypical mycobacteria: growth and colony coloration.
The close association of metal ion induced colors with acetone nonextractable cell components suggests the presence of reduced metal ions or the formation of metal hydroxides.
Preference and performance of the wild indigo duskywing ( erynnis baptisiae ) on its native host yellow wild indigo ( baptisia tinctoria ) and on the introduced plant crown vetch ( securigera varia )
Greater performance on and feeding preference for the native plant emphasizes that increasing the B. tinctoria population will likely increase the butterfly population.