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The continental crust: Its composition and evolution
This book describes the composition of the present upper crust, and deals with possible compositions for the total crust and the inferred composition of the lower crust. The question of theExpand
The geochemical evolution of the continental crust
A survey is given of the dimensions and composition of the present continental crust. The abundances of immobile elements in sedimentary rocks are used to establish upper crustal composition. TheExpand
Relationships between the trace element composition of sedimentary rocks and upper continental crust
[1] Estimates of the average composition of various Precambrian shields and a variety of estimates of the average composition of upper continental crust show considerable disagreement for a number ofExpand
The continental crust : its composition and evolution : an examination of the geochemical record preserved in sedimentary rocks
Some perspectivesThe present upper crustModels of total crustal compositionThe lower crustUniformity of crustal composition with timeGreywackes: provenance and tectonic significanceThe ArcheanExpand
Geochemical and NdSr isotopic composition of deep-sea turbidites: Crustal evolution and plate tectonic associations
Abstract Petrographic, geochemical, and isotopic data for turbidites from a variety of tectonic settings exhibit considerable variability that is related to tectonic association. Passive marginExpand
Weathering and Global Denudation
A negative correlation between sediment yield and weathering history, as measured by the chemical alteration (CIA) of the suspended sediment, is observed for many of the world's major rivers andExpand
In Situ Evidence for an Ancient Aqueous Environment at Meridiani Planum, Mars
Sedimentary rocks at Eagle crater in Meridiani Planum are composed of fine-grained siliciclastic materials derived from weathering of basaltic rocks, sulfate minerals (including magnesium sulfate andExpand
Sedimentary Rocks and Crustal Evolution: Tectonic Setting and Secular Trends
A significant change in the composition of turbidites deposited at active tectonic settings is seen at the Archean/post-Archean transition. In comparison to post-Archean active margin turbidites,Expand