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Assessing whole brain perfusion changes in patients with REM sleep behavior disorder
Objective: To investigate the regional cerebral perfusion in patients with idiopathic REM behavior disorder (RBD) in order to establish the topography of networks involved. Methods: We performedExpand
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The inv dup(15) syndrome
The most common of the heterogeneous group of the extra structurally abnormal chromosomes (ESACs) is the inv dup(15), whose presence results in tetrasomy 15p and partial tetrasomy 15q. Inv dup(15),Expand
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Night sleep organization in patients with severe hepatic failure. Its modifications after L-dopa treatment.
20 subjects with severe hepatic failure have been studied by means of all night polygraphic sleep recordings. Base night recordings have been made, as well as registrations after treatment with drugsExpand
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Central sensory and motor conduction in vitamin B12 deficiency.
Four patients with subacute combined degeneration were studied through upper and lower limb SEPs recorded with a non-cephalic reference montage and through cortical and spinal magnetic stimulation.Expand
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Occult normal pressure hydrocephalus with parkinsonian symptomatology.
The authors describe a case where a parkinsonian symptomatology is associated with pneumoencephalographic and RISA-cisternographic findings typical of an occult normal pressure hydrocephalus. TheyExpand
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Adrenal and ovarian tests in female hirsutism.
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Transient MRI Abnormalities in a Case of Occipital Lobe Epilepsy with Favorable Outcome
We describe the case of a 13-year-old boy, in good health, with transient occipital MRI abnormalities just after one generalized seizure and the appearance of macropsia. The EEG showed a 3–5 HzExpand
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