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Vision with controlled movements of the retinal image
Previous work on eye movements (Lord & Wright, 1950; Ratliff & Riggs, 1950; Barlow, 1952; Ditchburn & Ginsborg, 1953; Riggs, 1958) has shown that when a subject fixates as steadily as possible upon aExpand
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The Influence of Adaptation on Absolute Threshold Measurements for Olfactory Stimuli
A group-test method of determining the mean absolute olfactory threshold to a test stimulus for a group of subjects is described. Probit analysis is employed to evaluate the results. This techniqueExpand
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Visibility of a Fine Line in Intermittent Illumination
The visibility of a fine line in intermittent illumination has been examined in detail for one subject. It is shown that there are deviations from a regular response and that these effects can beExpand