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Succession and growth rates of encrusting crustose coralline algae (Rhodophyta, Cryptonemiales) in the upper fore-reef environment off Ishigaki Island, Ryukyu Islands
Observations were made on the succession and growth rates of crustose coralline algae growing in situ on artificial substrata in a shallow fore-reef environment on Ishigaki Island, Ryukyu Islands.Expand
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Body mass index and outcomes following gastrointestinal cancer surgery in Japan
Recent studies in the USA have shown a lower postoperative mortality rate in mildly obese patients, described as the ‘obesity paradox’. The results from the relatively obese population in WesternExpand
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Mortality and morbidity of hepatectomy, radiofrequency ablation, and embolization for hepatocellular carcinoma: a national survey of 54,145 patients
BackgroundReported mortalities and morbidities of therapeutic procedures for liver tumors vary between studies, because of different designs and small sample sizes. We investigated the mortalitiesExpand
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Intussusception among Japanese children: an epidemiologic study using an administrative database
BackgroundThe epidemiology of intussusception, including its incidence, can vary between different countries. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiology of childhood intussusception inExpand
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Mortality and morbidity in dialysis-dependent patients undergoing spinal surgery: analysis of a national administrative database in Japan.
BACKGROUND The impact of dialysis dependence on perioperative risks following spinal surgery is not fully understood. The purposes of the present study were to determine the perioperative risks inExpand
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The burden of Clostridium difficile-associated disease following digestive tract surgery in Japan.
BACKGROUND Although surgery is considered a risk for Clostridium difficile-associated disease (CDAD), large-scale data on outcomes of postsurgical CDAD are rare. AIM Using the Japanese DiagnosisExpand
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Multivariate analysis of factors influencing medical costs of acute pancreatitis hospitalizations based on a national administrative database.
BACKGROUND Little information is available on the analysis of medical costs of acute pancreatitis hospitalizations. AIM This study aimed to determine the factors affecting medical costs of patientsExpand
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Risk factors affecting inhospital mortality after hip fracture: retrospective analysis using the Japanese Diagnosis Procedure Combination Database
Objective To identify risk factors for inhospital mortality in patients with hip fractures using the Japanese Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) nationwide administrative claims database. DesignExpand
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Seasonality of preterm births in Japan.
Seasonal variations in the proportion of preterm births in Japan from January 1979 to December 1983 are analysed using a traditional method of time-series analysis, which divides the variation in aExpand
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Intervention study of exercise program for oral function in healthy elderly people.
In Japan, one of the duties of the long-term care insurance system is the prevention of oral function degradation. Although various exercise programs for oral function have been developed andExpand
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