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Correlation functions in the CFT(d) / AdS(d+1) correspondence
Abstract Conformal techniques are applied to the calculation of integrals on AdS d +1 space which define correlators of composite operators in the superconformal field theory on the d -dimensionalExpand
The Information paradox: A Pedagogical introduction
The black hole information paradox is a very poorly understood problem. It is often believed that Hawking's argument is not precisely formulated, and a more careful accounting of naturally occurringExpand
AdS / CFT duality and the black hole information paradox
Abstract Near-extremal black holes are obtained by exciting the Ramond sector of the D1-D5 CFT, where the ground state is highly degenerate. We find that the dual geometries for these ground statesExpand
The Fuzzball proposal for black holes: An Elementary review
We give an elementary review of black holes in string theory. We discuss BPS holes, the microscopic computation of entropy and the 'fuzzball' picture of the black hole interior suggested byExpand
Three-Point Functions for MN/SN Orbifolds¶with?= 4 Supersymmetry
Abstract: The D1–D5 system is believed to have an “orbifold point” in its moduli space where its low energy theory is a ?=4 supersymmetric sigma model with target space MN/SN, where M is T4 or K3. WeExpand
Metric of the multiply wound rotating string
Abstract We consider a string wrapped many times around a compact circle in space, and let this string carry a right-moving wave which imparts momentum and angular momentum to the string. The angularExpand
3-charge geometries and their CFT duals
Abstract We consider two families of D1–D5–P states and find their gravity duals. In each case the geometries are found to ‘cap off’ smoothly near r = 0 ; thus there are no horizons or closedExpand
Graviton exchange and complete four-point functions in the AdS/CFT correspondence
Abstract The graviton exchange diagram for the correlation function of arbitrary scalar operators is evaluated in anti-de Sitter space, AdS d +1 . This enables us to complete the computation of theExpand
Dual geometries for a set of 3-charge microstates
Abstract We construct a set of extremal D1–D5–P solutions, by taking appropriate limits in a known family of nonextremal 3-charge solutions. The extremal geometries turn out to be completely smooth,Expand
Universality of low-energy absorption cross-sections for black holes
In this paper we compute the low energy absorption cross section for minimally coupled massles scalars and spin- 1/2 particles into a general spherically symmetric black hole in arbitrary dimensions.Expand