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Determinants of Disease Presentation and Outcome during Cryptococcosis: The CryptoA/D Study
Background Cryptococcosis is a life-threatening opportunistic fungal infection in both HIV-positive and -negative patients. Information on clinical presentation and therapeutic guidelines, derivedExpand
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Screening older cancer patients: first evaluation of the G-8 geriatric screening tool.
BACKGROUND Development of a geriatric screening tool is necessary to identify elderly cancer patients who would benefit from comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). We develop and evaluate the G-8Expand
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Variables with time-varying effects and the Cox model: Some statistical concepts illustrated with a prognostic factor study in breast cancer
BackgroundThe Cox model relies on the proportional hazards (PH) assumption, implying that the factors investigated have a constant impact on the hazard - or risk - over time. We emphasize theExpand
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Epidemiology of HIV-associated cryptococcosis in France (1985–2001): comparison of the pre- and post-HAART eras
Objective: To analyse the epidemiological evolution of cryptococcosis in France after the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Design: Retrospective study of cryptococcosisExpand
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Functional decline in older patients with cancer receiving first-line chemotherapy.
PURPOSE To determine factors associated with early functional decline during first-line chemotherapy in older patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients age ≥ 70 years receiving first-lineExpand
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Mobile phone use and brain tumours in the CERENAT case-control study
The carcinogenic effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in humans remains controversial. However, it has been suggested that they could be involved in the aetiology of some types of brainExpand
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Screening for Vulnerability in Older Cancer Patients: The ONCODAGE Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study
Background Geriatric Assessment is an appropriate method for identifying older cancer patients at risk of life-threatening events during therapy. Yet, it is underused in practice, mainly because itExpand
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Intra-operative radiotherapy of rectal cancer: results of the French multi-institutional randomized study.
PURPOSE To assess efficacy and tolerance of intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT) in patients suffering from locally advanced rectal cancer, treated with preoperative radiotherapy followed byExpand
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Survival end point reporting in randomized cancer clinical trials: a review of major journals.
PURPOSE Several publications showed that the standards for reporting randomized clinical trials (RCTs) might not be entirely suitable. Our aim was to evaluate the reporting of survival end points inExpand
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Calibration of immunohistochemistry for assessment of HER2 in breast cancer: results of the French Multicentre GEFPICS * Study
Aims:  HER2 protein is over‐expressed in 15–30% of breast carcinomas. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a common and inexpensive method able to specifically detect HER2 protein. However, lack ofExpand
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