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Histone deacetylation in epigenetics: An attractive target for anticancer therapy
The reversible histone acetylation and deacetylation are epigenetic phenomena that play critical roles in the modulation of chromatin topology and the regulation of gene expression. AberrantExpand
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Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of sirtinol analogues as class III histone/protein deacetylase (Sirtuin) inhibitors.
In a search for potent inhibitors of class III histone/protein deacetylases (sirtuins), a series of sirtinol analogues have been synthesized and the degree of inhibition was assessed in vitro usingExpand
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Class II (IIa)-selective histone deacetylase inhibitors. 1. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel (aryloxopropenyl)pyrrolyl hydroxyamides.
Chemical manipulations performed on aroyl-pyrrolyl-hydroxyamides (APHAs) led to (aryloxopropenyl)pyrrolyl hydroxamates 2a-w, and their inhibition against maize HDACs and their class I or class IIExpand
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Class II-selective histone deacetylase inhibitors. Part 2: alignment-independent GRIND 3-D QSAR, homology and docking studies.
(Aryloxopropenyl)pyrrolyl hydroxamates were recently reported by us as first examples of class II-selective HDAC inhibitors and can be useful tools to probe the biology of such enzymes. MolecularExpand
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Dihydro(alkylthio)(naphthylmethyl)oxopyrimidines: novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors of the S-DABO series.
Novel compounds related to 2-(cyclohexylthio)-3,4-dihydro-5-methyl-6-(3-methylbenzyl)-4-ox opyrimidine (3c, MC 639) have been synthesized and tested as inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virusExpand
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Geometrically and conformationally restrained cinnamoyl compounds as inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase: synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular modeling.
Various cinnammoyl-based structures were synthesized and tested in enzyme assays as inhibitors of the HIV-1 integrase (IN). The majority of compounds were designed as geometrically orExpand
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Novel indolyl aryl sulfones active against HIV-1 carrying NNRTI resistance mutations: synthesis and SAR studies.
The potent anti-HIV-1 activities of L-737,126 (2) and PAS sulfones prompted us to design and test against HIV-1 in acutely infected MT-4 cells a number of novel 1- and 3-benzenesulfonylindoles.Expand
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Binding mode analysis of 3-(4-benzoyl-1-methyl-1H-2-pyrrolyl)-N-hydroxy-2-propenamide: a new synthetic histone deacetylase inhibitor inducing histone hyperacetylation, growth inhibition, and terminal
The binding mode of 3-(4-aroyl-1H-2-pyrrolyl)-N-hydroxy-2-propenamides 1a-c, belonging to a recently reported class of synthetic histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors (Massa, S.; et al. J. Med. Chem.Expand
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Dihydro-alkylthio-benzyl-oxopyrimidines as inhibitors of reverse transcriptase: synthesis and rationalization of the biological data on both wild-type enzyme and relevant clinical mutants.
A series of novel S-DABO analogues, characterized by different substitution patterns at positions 2, 5, and 6 of the heterocyclic ring, were synthesized in a straightforward fashion by means ofExpand
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Parallel solution-phase and microwave-assisted synthesis of new S-DABO derivatives endowed with subnanomolar anti-HIV-1 activity.
A simple and efficient methodology for the parallel solution-phase synthesis has been set up to obtain a series of thiouracils, in turn selectively S-benzylated under microwave irradiation to giveExpand
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