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A Simple Bioassay for Brassinosteroids: A Wheat Leaf-unrolling Test
The ubiquitousness of brassinostroids in higher plants suggests that endogenous brassinosteroids have an important function in the regulation of plant growth. Expand
A Rice Lamina Inclination Test—A Micro-quantitative Bioassay for Brassinosteroids
A rice lamina inclination test that is simple and specific for brassinosteroids was used as a micro-quantitative bioassay for brassinolide 1 and its 6-keto congener, castasterone 2, in theExpand
Attractancy of Optically Active Pheromone for Male Gypsy Moths
The lowered trap catch at the racemate was due to the antagonistic effects of the (−) enantiomer on the male behaviors of long-range upwind flight, the likelihood of landing on the baited trap and duration of the persistent “searching” behavior of wing fanning concurrent with walking on the trap. Expand
Synthesis and plant growth-promoting activity of brassinolide analogues.
The analogues of brassinolide, 15, 19 ~ 23, 29 and 30, were synthesized via key intermediate 5 from stigmasterol. Compound 15 which has the same functional groups as brassinolide on rings A and BExpand
β-Glucan biosynthesis inhibitors isolated from fungi as hyphal malformation inducer
Three hyphal malformation inducers were isolated from fungi and their structures identified at (+)-isoepoxydon (1), brefeldin A (2) and ophiobolin A (4), respectively. Two of them, 1 and 4, wereExpand
Structure of sporogen-ao 1, a sporogenic substance of aspergillus oryzae
Abstract A sporogenic substance, sporogen-AO 1, isolated from the culture broth of Aspergillus oryzae (NOY-2) has been shown to have the structure 1. The structure was elucidated using spectroscopicExpand
Synthesis of Brassinolide Analogs with a Modified Ring B and Their Plant Growth-promoting Activity
7-Aza, 7-thia and 6-deoxo analogs of (22S,23S)- and (22R,23R)-homobrassinolide were synthesized. They were found to possess weak bioactivity in a lamina-inclination test.