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Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer Implementations
Introduction knapsack problem bounded knapsack problem subset-sum problem change-making problem multiple knapsack problem generalized assignment problem bin packing problem. Appendix: computer codes.
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Decision Making under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets
  • S. Martello
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • J. Oper. Res. Soc.
  • 1 January 2015
In the electricity market, many decisions to be taken by market agents involve considerable data uncertainty, and stochastic programming is a useful tool for defining mathematical models to obtainExpand
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The Three-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
The problem addressed in this paper is that of orthogonally packing a given set of rectangular-shaped items into the minimum number of three-dimensional rectangular bins. The problem is stronglyExpand
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Exact Solution of the Two-Dimensional Finite Bon Packing Problem
Given a set of rectangular pieces to be cut from an unlimited number of standardized stock pieces (bins), the Two-Dimensional Finite Bin Packing Problem is to determine the minimum number of stockExpand
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Heuristic and Metaheuristic Approaches for a Class of Two-Dimensional Bin Packing Problems
Two-dimensional bin packing problems consist of allocating, without overlapping, a given set of small rectangles (items) to a minimum number of large identical rectangles (bins), with the edges ofExpand
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Two-dimensional packing problems: A survey
We consider problems requiring to allocate a set of rectangular items to larger rectangular standardized units by minimizing the waste. In two-dimensional bin packing problems these units are finiteExpand
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A Tabu Search Algorithm for a Routing and Container Loading Problem
This article considers a combination of capacitated vehicle routing and three-dimensional loading, with additional constraints frequently encountered in freight transportation. It proposes a tabuExpand
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Dynamic Programming and Strong Bounds for the 0-1 Knapsack Problem
Two new algorithms recently proved to outperform all previous methods for the exact solution of the 0-1 Knapsack Problem. This paper presents a combination of such approaches, where, in additi on,Expand
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Lower bounds and reduction procedures for the bin packing problem
The bin packing problem, in which a set of items of various sizes has to be packed into a minimum number of identical bins, has been extensively studied during the past fifteen years, mainly with theExpand
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An Exact Approach to the Strip-Packing Problem
We consider the problem of orthogonally packing a given set of rectangular items into a given strip, by minimizing the overall height of the packing. The problem is NP-hard in the strong sense, andExpand
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