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Black Watch on the Rhine: A Study in Propaganda, Prejudice and Prurience
appealed to western racism, credulity, assumptions of cultural superiority, prurience, and notions of white female purity and frailty. The propaganda routinely portrayed 40,000 black savages roamingExpand
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The Illusion of Peace: International Relations in Europe, 1918-1933
Map1: Europe in 1914 Map 2: Europe in 1925 Map 3: Weimar Germany Map 4: Eastern Europe in 1925 The Pursuit of Peace The Effort to Enforce the Peace The Revision of the Peace The Years of Illusion TheExpand
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The Illusion of Peace
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The Myths of Reparations
Reparations after World War I can be divided into two categories: non-German reparations, which remain largely terra incognita to the historian, and German reparations, an excruciatingly tangledExpand
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Covert war in Latin America
Ménage à Trois: The Negotiations for an Anglo-French-Belgian Alliance in 1922
  • S. Marks
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  • 1 November 1982
as the first World War drew to a close, a new question emerged: whether the wartime alliance against Germany would continue in any form. For a devastated France, bled white in men and money, eyeingExpand
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The World According to Washington
Henry Blumenthal. Illusion and Reality in Franco-American Diplomacy, 1914–1945 Julian G. Hurstfield. America and the French Nation, 1939–194.5
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Behind the Scenes at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919
In January 1919 thousands of delegates, diplomats, and academic experts poured into Paris to redraw the map of the world and to settle its problems, supposedly forevermore. While the confusionExpand
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