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An Epidemic Waiting to Happen? The Spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa in Social and Historical Perspective
There can be few more vital issues confronting Southern Africa than the pandemic of HIV and AIDS currently ravaging the sub-continent. The paper is an attempt to place the spread of HIV/AIDS inExpand
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Apartheid and health in the 1980s.
The last 5 years have seen dramatic developments in South Africa, with wide-based internal political struggles and international pressure forcing the government into a well publicized if temporaryExpand
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Divided Sisterhood: Race, Class and Gender in the South African Nursing Profession
Acknowledgements - Abbreviations - But why Nurses? - Ladies and God-fearing Women? - Are they Angels? - Bantu Nightingales - In Control of Her Destiny - A Taint on Flower of South African Womanhood -Expand
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Natal, the Zulu royal family and the ideology of segregation
It is you [meaning the Government] who killed the one we have now buried, you killed his father, and killed him. We did not invade your country, but you invaded ours. I fought for the dead man'sExpand
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The Epidemiology and Culture of Violence
South Africa is a very violent society. Overt violence is present in different forms and contexts but, especially in the political sphere, overt violence by and against the state has become much moreExpand
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Changing history, changing histories: Separations and connections in the lives of South African women
In this paper, I revisit correspondence between Lily Moya, a fifteen-yearold school-girl growing up in the Eastern Cape, Mabel Palmer, a 74-year-old Fabian socialist and head of the 'Non-European'Expand
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Issues in the political economy of health in Southern Africa.
Over the past few years there have been major political developments in southern Africa. In the Republic of South Africa, the National Party's short-lived reformist strategy designed to buy off blackExpand
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Khoisan resistance to the Dutch in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
The responses of the Khoisan peoples to the Dutch at the Cape of Good Hope in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have generally been dismissed summarily by historians. This article attempts toExpand
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