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An evaluation of geochemical weathering indices in loess-paleosol studies
Abstract Applying geochemical proxies as measure for the weathering intensity of paleosols and sediments such as loess, the Quaternary scientist is confronted with various element ratios that haveExpand
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Preliminary geosite assessment model (gam) and its application on Fruška gora mountain, potential geotourism destination of Serbia
This paper presents a preliminary geosite physical assessment model which has the potential to assist in the sustainable planning and management of natural heritage locations and their transformationExpand
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Pleistocene environmental dynamics recorded in the loess of the middle and lower Danube basin
Abstract The substantial loess deposits of the middle and lower Danube basin in southeastern Europe represent one of the thickest and most comprehensive terrestrial palaeoenvironmental records on theExpand
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Geochemical characterization and origin of Southeastern and Eastern European loesses (Serbia, Romania, Ukraine)
Abstract The loess/paleosol sections of Batajnica/Stari Slankamen (Serbia), Mircea Voda (Romania) and Stary Kaydaky (Ukraine) were geochemically characterized based on discriminant analysis of majorExpand
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Stratigraphy, and spatial and temporal paleoclimatic trends in Southeastern/Eastern European loess–paleosol sequences
Abstract The loess–paleosol sections Batajnica/Stari Slankamen (Serbia), Mircea Voda (Romania) and Stary Kaydaky (Ukraine) are presently located in areas of different types of steppe, and are highlyExpand
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High-resolution record of the last climatic cycle in the southern Carpathian Basin (Surduk, Vojvodina, Serbia)
Abstract High-resolution study of the Surduk loess palaeosols sequence in Serbia (Vojvodina) has been performed within a research project (EOLE) focusing on the impact of rapid climatic changesExpand
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Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka
Abstract Records of past climate variability and associated vegetation response exist in various regions throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). To date, there has been no coherent synthesis ofExpand
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Aridity in Vojvodina, Serbia
For investigating aridity in Vojvodina, two parameters were used: the De Martonne aridity index and the Pinna combinative index. These indices were chosen as the most suitable for the analysis ofExpand
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Reconstructed moisture evolution of the deserts in northern China since the Last Glacial Maximum and its implications for the East Asian Summer Monsoon
Abstract The East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) affects rainfall variability and consequently terrestrial ecosystems in the densely populated Asian region. Understanding the nature of EASM evolution isExpand
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Effect of leaf litter degradation and seasonality on D/H isotope ratios of n-alkane biomarkers
Abstract During the last decade, compound-specific hydrogen isotope analysis of plant leaf-wax and sedimentary n -alkyl lipids has become a promising tool for paleohydrological reconstructions.Expand
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