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The objectives of this study were to obtain the fiber-digesting bacteria isolates from termitedigestive tract and to determine the optimum conditions of growth and production of cellulase,
Purification and Characterization of ?-1,3-Glucanase from the Antagonistic Fungus Trichoderma reesei
Trichoderma enzymes that inhibit fungal cell walls have been suggested to play an important role in mycoparasitic action against fungal root rot pathogen Ganoderma philippii. This experiment was
Isolation and Selection of Rhizobium Tolerant to Pesticides and Aluminum from Acid Soils in Indonesia
Application of Rhizobium as inoculum in acid soil requires specific characters, namely high tolerance to pesticide residues, soil acidity, and high concentration of Aluminum, which can be applied in the pesticide polluted agricultural lands.
Superoxide Dismutase of Micrococcus sp. S2 and Its Involve in Paraquat Detoxification
As an active ingredient of herbicide, paraquat will induce formation of superoxide radicals. The previous research succeeded in isolating paraquat degrading bacteria from peat soil, Micrococcus sp.
Purification and Characterization of Streptomyces sp. IK Chitinase
Streptomyces sp. IK isolated from compost inoculants, could produce extra cellular chitinase in a medium containing 0.2% (w/v) colloidal chitin, fermented for 96 hours at 30oC. The enzyme was
The structural insight of class III of polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase from Bacillus sp. PSA10 as revealed by in silico analysis
The results strongly suggested that the mode of action of BacPhaCSynt obeyed the covalent catalysis mechanism.
Production of Poly-α-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) from Sago Starch by The Native Isolate Bacillus megaterium PSA10
A new bacterial strain that produces amylase and poly-a-hidroxybutyrate (PHB) using sago starch as carbon source was characterized and identified to be member of the Bacillus megaterium group based
Identifcation of antibiotic producing endophytic microbe isolates from a national park in Java island
This research was conducted to determine the molecular identity of OOH-1 and STG-1 isolates, as well as to identify antibiotic compounds produced by STg-1 isolate, to help identify antibiotics in endophytic microbes.
Paraquat Herbicide in Peat Soil: I. Its Effects on the Dynamics of Microbial Population
Paraquat has been used widely and periodically in peat soil. It is stable in acid environments, therefore its application in peat soil which represents an acid environment, might prolong its
Effects Of pH, Temperature And Salinity In Growth And Organic Acid Production Of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Penaeid Shrimp Intestine
Bakteri asam laktat telah lama dikembangkan sebagai probiotik. Penentuan kondisi lingkungan yang optimum untuk pertumbuhan sel serta asam organik memberikan gambaran aktivitas optimum untuk kinerja