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What matters to consumers of organic wine
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to determine the importance of the “organic” attribute for wine in relation to other attributes and to identify the most important determinants as far as theExpand
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Institutional causes of urban and rural sprawl in Switzerland
Open space is a very scarce resource in Switzerland. The Federal Government aims to stabilize the use of settlement area per resident at 400 m2. This paper starts by outlining the institutionalExpand
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Tracing the process of becoming a farm successor on Swiss family farms
A theoretical model for farm succession is developed in which identity-related variables such as preferences for working autonomously or with animals influence occupational choice at the outset ofExpand
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Effects of agricultural policy reforms and farm characteristics on income risk in Swiss agriculture
Purpose - The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of agricultural policy reform – specifically the change from market to direct payment support – on income variability of Swiss farmingExpand
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Analysing fair trade in economic terms
We identify the fair trade network as the generation of a market where special social, relation-related product attributes play a dominant role. The analysis shows that price-competitiveness withExpand
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Social sustainability in agriculture – A system-based framework
Sustainability has become a key term for linking environmental, economic and social issues, in both the sciences and politics. Conceptions and frameworks of sustainability have thus arisen toExpand
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Sectors matter! : exploring mesoeconomics
Editorial.- Part I: Sectors Matter for Society.- Part II: Sectors Matter for Development.- Part III: Sectors Matter in Practice.
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Merit goods in a utilitarian framework
Abstract Merit goods are defined here as goods for which government interference with the aggregated willingness to pay increases utility. The paper argues that three cases exist where considerationExpand
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Why organic food in Germany is a merit good
Abstract The conventional view of welfare economics is that subsidies for organic food are inefficient. This paper challenges this view and argues that subsidies for organic food may be justified byExpand
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Post Milk Quota Experiences in Switzerland Expériences post‐contingent laitier en Suisse Nach der Milchquote: Erfahrungen aus der Schweiz
summary Post Milk Quota Experiences in Switzerland Switzerland can be considered a test bed for the EU’s withdrawal from the milk quota scheme. The Swiss government enacted an exit phaseExpand
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