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Peer-group support intervention improves the psychosocial well-being of AIDS orphans: cluster randomized trial.
Accumulating evidence suggests that AIDS orphanhood status is accompanied by increased levels of psychological distress such as anxiety, depression, intense guilt, shame, and anger. However, fewExpand
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Comparing the 1CU accommodative, multifocal, and monofocal intraocular lenses: a randomized trial.
OBJECTIVE To compare the binocular near vision performance in patients implanted with the 1CU accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) with a multifocal and monofocal IOL. DESIGN Prospective,Expand
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HIV-1 seroprevalence and risk factors for HIV infection among first-time psychiatric admissions in Uganda
Abstract This study investigated HIV seroprevalence and it's correlates among patients with first-time psychiatric admissions to two national referral hospitals in urban Kampala, Uganda. A structuredExpand
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A demonstration of mobile phone deployment to support the treatment of acutely ill children under five in Bushenyi district, Uganda.
BACKGROUND Benefits of mobile phone deployment for children <5 in low-resource settings remain unproven. The target population of the current demonstration study in Bushenyi District, Uganda,Expand
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Pioneering work in mental health outreaches in rural, southwestern Uganda
In Uganda, the rates of mental illness are high due to poverty, high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and long-term exposure to civil wars and armed rebellion. The cost of mental health services in urbanExpand
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Antibiotic beads in the treatment of diabetic pedal osteomyelitis.
Antibiotic-impregnated polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) beads have improved the outcome of osteomyelitis treatment in both experimental models and clinical trials. The primary benefit ofExpand
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Caregivers’ Attitudes towards HIV Testing and Disclosure of HIV Status to At-Risk Children in Rural Uganda
Caregivers of HIV-positive children were interviewed in the Mbarara and Isingiro districts of Uganda to identify current trends in practices related to HIV testing and the disclosure of HIV status toExpand
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What resources are used in emergency departments in rural sub-Saharan Africa? A retrospective analysis of patient care in a district-level hospital in Uganda
Objectives To determine the most commonly used resources (provider procedural skills, medications, laboratory studies and imaging) needed to care for patients. Setting A single emergency departmentExpand
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A Phase II study of docetaxel in patients with liver metastases from breast cancer
Abstract Background Previous phase II studies of docetaxel have indicated that hepatic metastases from breast cancer respond well to first-line treatment with docetaxel. The objective of thisExpand
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Mortality Related to Acute Illness and Injury in Rural Uganda: Task Shifting to Improve Outcomes
Background Due to the dual critical shortages of acute care and healthcare workers in resource-limited settings, many people suffer or die from conditions that could be easily treated if existingExpand
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