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Probiotic VSL#3 reduces liver disease severity and hospitalization in patients with cirrhosis: a randomized, controlled trial.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Little is known about whether probiotics can affect outcomes of patients with cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy (HE). We assessed the efficacy of a probiotic preparation inExpand
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Internal medicine residents’ perceptions of the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise
Background: The mini-clinical evaluation exercise (mini-CEX) is a 30 minute observed clinical encounter which allows assessment of a resident's clinical competence with feedback on their performance.Expand
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Pancreatic enzymes for chronic pancreatitis.
BACKGROUND The efficacy of pancreatic enzymes in reducing pain and improving steatorrhoea is debatable and the evidence base for their utility needs to be determined. OBJECTIVES To evaluate theExpand
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Clinical profile of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis in North India.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Tropical pancreatitis, a form of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis (ICP) with unique features, has been described in South and North India. We investigated the clinical profile of ICPExpand
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Gabapentin versus nortriptyline in post-herpetic neuralgia patients: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial--the GONIP Trial.
BACKGROUND Gabapentin and nortriptyline have not been compared in a randomized trial in post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). The present study was, therefore, undertaken to determine their comparativeExpand
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The therapeutic potential of melatonin: a review of the science.
Melatonin is a ubiquitous natural neurotransmitter-like compound produced primarily by the pineal gland. This agent is involved in numerous aspects of the biological and physiologic regulation ofExpand
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Dietary treatment for familial hypercholesterolaemia.
BACKGROUND A cholesterol-lowering diet and several other dietary interventions have been suggested as a management approach either independently or as an adjuvant to drug therapy in children andExpand
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Evaluation of cost of treatment of drug-related events in a tertiary care public sector hospital in Northern India: a prospective study.
AIMS Drug related events (DREs) contribute significantly to hospital admissions. These are largely preventable events and require optimum use of the therapeutic agents. The study was conducted toExpand
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Melatonin treatment is beneficial in pancreatic repair process after experimental acute pancreatitis.
Current treatment options for acute pancreatitis are supportive and symptomatic. Due to lack of agents targeting the underlying pathophysiology a large amount of experimental work is going on toExpand
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Guidelines for diagnosis and management of bronchial asthma: Joint ICS/NCCP (I) recommendations
Contents: Executive Summary Introduction Methodology Definition, Epidemiology and Risk Factors Diagnosis of Asthma Management of Stable Asthma Management ofExpand
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