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Reducing HIV-risk behavior among adults receiving outpatient psychiatric treatment: results from a randomized controlled trial.
This study investigated the efficacy of a 10-session, HIV-risk-reduction intervention with 221 women and 187 men receiving outpatient psychiatric care for a mental illness. Patients were randomlyExpand
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Brief motivational interventions for heavy college drinkers: A randomized controlled trial.
In this randomized controlled trial, the authors evaluated brief motivational interventions (BMIs) for at-risk college drinkers. Heavy drinking students (N = 509; 65% women, 35% men) were randomizedExpand
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Reliability of alcohol abusers' self-reports of drinking behavior.
The test-retest reliability of alcohol abusers' self-reports of their daily drinking and daily drinking, alcohol-related incarcerations and their drinking problem history were highly reliable (r =Expand
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A temporal and dose-response association between alcohol consumption and medication adherence among veterans in care.
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that alcohol consumption is associated with decreased medication adherence, but this association may be confounded by characteristics common among those whoExpand
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Causal mediation analyses with rank preserving models.
We present a linear rank preserving model (RPM) approach for analyzing mediation of a randomized baseline intervention's effect on a univariate follow-up outcome. Unlike standard mediation analyses,Expand
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Use of the AUDIT and the DAST-10 to identify alcohol and drug use disorders among adults with a severe and persistent mental illness.
State Psychiatric Hospital outpatients (93 men, 69 women) diagnosed with a serious persistent mental illness (SPMI) completed the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) and Drug AbuseExpand
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Assessing Readiness to Change Substance Abuse: A Critical Review of Instruments
This literature review summarizes the psychometric properties of 12 measures used to assess readiness to change substance abuse. Assessment methods vary, and include algorithms, self-administeredExpand
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Rape blame as a function of alcohol presence and resistance type.
Attributions of rape blame may be related to variables such as alcohol presence and resistance type used during a sexual assault. The current study sought to assess participants' attributions ofExpand
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Alcohol Use and Risk of HIV infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men
In the United States, men who have sex with men (MSM) currently represent more than 50% of those living with HIV and over 70% of HIV+ men (CDC 2007,Expand
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Associations Among Health Behaviors and Time Perspective in Young Adults: Model Testing with Boot-Strapping Replication
Previous research suggests that time perspective relates to health behavior; however, researchers have frequently employed inconsistent operational definitions and have often used projective orExpand
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