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Rethinking Party Systems in the Third Wave of Democratization: The Case of Brazil
Tables abbreviations of the main political parties, 1979-96 Part I. Rethinking Part systems Theory: 1. Introduction 2. Reexamining party systems theory in the third wave of democratisation Part II.Expand
The Nationalization of Parties and Party Systems
Political parties and party systems exhibit widely varying degrees of nationalization, that is the extent to which a party receives similar levels of electoral support throughout the country. TheExpand
Presidentialism, Multipartism, and Democracy
Starting from recent analyses that have argued that presidentialism is less favorable for building stable democracy than parliamentary systems, this article argues that the combination of aExpand
Party System Institutionalization and Party System Theory: After the Third Wave of Democratization
The overarching argument of this paper is that the party systems of less developed countries are less institutionalized than those of the advanced industrial democracies. The paper examines threeExpand
Political Sequences and the Stabilization of Interparty Competition
This article examines why some democracies and semi-democracies develop relatively stable party systems, while others continue to be roiled by high levels of electoral volatility. It is the firstExpand
The Political Recrafting of Social Bases of Party Competition: Chile, 1973–95
This article examines social cleavages and the impact of political legacies on Chile's post-authoritarian party system. In contrast to society-oriented approaches to party system formation, we argueExpand
Classifying Political Regimes in Latin
This article is about how political regimes should generally be classified, and how Latin American regimes should be classified for the 1945–99 period. We make five general claims about regimeExpand
Presidentialism and Democracy in Latin America: Multipartism, Robust Federalism, and Presidentialism in Brazil
In this chapter, I argue that Brazilian presidentialism has been affected by the combination of three institutional features that Shugart and I (Chapter 1 and the Conclusion, this volume) discuss andExpand
Extra- and within-system electoral volatility
We analyze the remarkable differences in the electoral success of new parties and compare the determinants of electoral volatility attributable to new versus established parties. We base our findingsExpand