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Plasmonics: Fundamentals and Applications
Fundamentals of Plasmonics.- Electromagnetics of Metals.- Surface Plasmon Polaritons at Metal / Insulator Interfaces.- Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons at Planar Interfaces.- Imaging Surface
The Fano resonance in plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials.
The steep dispersion of the Fano resonance profile promises applications in sensors, lasing, switching, and nonlinear and slow-light devices.
Plasmonics: Localization and guiding of electromagnetic energy in metal/dielectric structures
We review the basic physics of surface-plasmon excitations occurring at metal/dielectric interfaces with special emphasis on the possibility of using such excitations for the localization of
Terahertz surface plasmon-polariton propagation and focusing on periodically corrugated metal wires.
This Letter shows how the dispersion relation of surface plasmon polaritons propagating along a perfectly conducting wire can be tailored by corrugating its surface with a periodic array of radial grooves, opening the way to important applications such as energy concentration on cylindrical wires and superfocusing using conical structures.
Local detection of electromagnetic energy transport below the diffraction limit in metal nanoparticle plasmon waveguides
Observations of electromagnetic energy transport from a localized subwavelength source to a localized detector over distances of about 0.5 μm in plasmon waveguides consisting of closely spaced silver rods are presented.
Plasmonics—A Route to Nanoscale Optical Devices
The further integration of optical devices will require the fabrication of waveguides for electromagnetic energy below the diffraction limit of light. We investigate the possibility of using arrays
Probing the Ultimate Limits of Plasmonic Enhancement
It is found that the dominant limiting factor is not the resistive loss of the metal, but rather the intrinsic nonlocality of its dielectric response, which has implications for the ultimate performance of nanophotonic systems.
Optical pulse propagation in metal nanoparticle chain waveguides
Finite-difference time-domain simulations show direct evidence of optical pulse propagation below the diffraction limit of light along linear arrays of spherical noble metal nanoparticles with group
Quantum Plasmonics
This review discusses and compares the key models and experiments used to explore how the quantum nature of electrons impacts plasmonics in the context of quantum size corrections of localized plasmons and quantum tunneling between nanoparticle dimers.
Sub-diffractional volume-confined polaritons in the natural hyperbolic material hexagonal boron nitride.
Three-dimensionally confined 'hyperbolic polaritons' in boron nitride nanocones that support four series (up to the seventh order) modes in two spectral bands are reported on.