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The sound-object: A hypothesis about prenatal auditory experience and memory
Abstract The exploration of the area of possible prenatal experience suggests that the sound of the mother's voice, alternating with silence, may give the child a proto-experience of both presenceExpand
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Encounter with a traditional healer: Western and African therapeutic approaches in dialogue.
  • S. Maiello
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Journal of analytical psychology
  • 1 April 2008
The paper explores the extent to which cultural aspects contribute to the modalities of human relations and consequently to the qualities of the internal objects and the sense of identity.Expand
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Encounter with an african healer: Thinking about the possibilities and limits of cross-cultural psychotherapy
Abstract The report of the work of an African healer, in which the method of treatment of a patient with a psychotic breakdown is described to the author, a Western-trained psychotherapist, givesExpand
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On the transgenerational transmission of trauma and violence
In this paper, I shall discuss issues connected with violence, trauma and their transgenerational transmission. This is an area which seems crucial at this point of South Africa's history, not onlyExpand
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Cultural differences and psycho-analytic perspectives
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Prenatal trauma and autism
Through the clinical history of a little girl, this paper explores some possible traumatic prenatal experiences of children who have autistic features from birth. It establishes a tentativeExpand
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Prenatal experiences of containment in the light of Bion's model of container/contained
This paper explores the idea of possible proto-experiences of the prenatal child in the context of Bion's model of container/contained. The physical configuration of the embryo/foetus contained inExpand
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The rhythmical dimension of the mother-infant relationship — transcultural considerations
  • S. Maiello
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Journal of child and adolescent mental health
  • 1 September 2003
The paper describes the importance of experiences of shared rhythmicity in the mother-infant relationship and their meaning for primary mental development. Rhythmical elements are already presentExpand
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The cultural dimension in early mother-infant interaction and psychic development: An infant observation in south africa
Abstract The paper presents an observation of an African baby and his mother in his home environment in a township near Cape Town. The material of the child's first three months of life shows howExpand
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