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Colloquium : 100 years of mass spectrometry: Perspectives and future trends
Mass spectrometry (MS) is widely regarded as the most sensitive and specific general purpose analytical technique. More than a century has passed for MS since the ground-breaking work of NobelExpand
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Hand-held portable desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization ion source for in situ analysis of nitroaromatic explosives.
A novel, lightweight (0.6 kg), solvent- and gas-cylinder-free, hand-held ion source based on desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization has been developed and deployed for the analysis ofExpand
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Evaluation of Electron Beam Deflections across a Solenoid Using Weber-Ritz and Maxwell-Lorentz Electrodynamics
The deflection of charged particle beams by electric and/or magnetic fields is invariably based on the field centred approach associated with Maxwell-Lorentz and incorporated into the Lorentz forceExpand
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2D wax-printed paper substrates with extended solvent supply capabilities allow enhanced ion signal in paper spray ionization.
Paper-based microfluidic channels were created from solid wax printing, and the resultant 2D wax-printed paper substrates were used for paper spray (PS) mass spectrometry (MS) analysis of smallExpand
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Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Coupled to a Portable Mass Spectrometer
AbstractDesorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (DAPCI) is implemented on a portable mass spectrometer and applied to the direct detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) andExpand
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Screening and Quantification of Aliphatic Primary Alkyl Corrosion Inhibitor Amines in Water Samples by Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry.
Direct analysis and identification of long chain aliphatic primary diamine Duomeen O (n-oleyl-1,3-diaminopropane), corrosion inhibitor in raw water samples taken from a large medium pressure waterExpand
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Direct Analysis and Quantification of Metaldehyde in Water using Reactive Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry
Metaldehyde is extensively used worldwide as a contact and systemic molluscicide for controlling slugs and snails in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. Contamination of surfaceExpand
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Dried Blood Spheroids for Dry-State Room Temperature Stabilization of Microliter Blood Samples.
It is well-known that 2D dried blood spots on paper offer a facile sample collection, storage, and transportation of blood. However, large volume requirements, possible analyte instability, andExpand
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Quadrupole mass filter operation under the influence of magnetic field.
This work demonstrates resolution enhancement of a quadrupole mass filter (QMF) under the influence of a static magnetic field. Generally, QMF resolution can be improved by increasing the number ofExpand
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Mapping the Stability Diagram of a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with a Static Transverse Magnetic Field Applied
AbstractPrevious experimental and theoretical work identified that the application of a static magnetic (B) field can improve the resolution of a quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) and this simpleExpand
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