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Integrating metabolic performance, thermal tolerance, and plasticity enables for more accurate predictions on species vulnerability to acute and chronic effects of global warming.
Predicting species vulnerability to global warming requires a comprehensive, mechanistic understanding of sublethal and lethal thermal tolerances. To date, however, most studies investigating speciesExpand
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A global perspective on the trophic geography of sharks
Sharks are a diverse group of mobile predators that forage across varied spatial scales and have the potential to influence food web dynamics. The ecological consequences of recent declines in sharkExpand
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Sensitivity of δ13C values of seabird tissues to combined spatial, temporal and ecological drivers: A simulation approach
Abstract Biologging technologies have revolutionised our understanding of the foraging ecology and life history traits of marine predators, allowing for high resolution information about location,Expand
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Reconstructing ontogenetic movements in pelagic sharks coupling ocean models and stable isotope data in incrementally grown tissues
Ecological interactions in the marine pelagic environment are difficult to study, mostly because the open-ocean is vast and largely inaccessible. Migration is a common ecological trait in pelagicExpand