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Controlling wasteloads from point and nonpoint sources to river system by GIS-aided Epsilon Robust Optimization model
Abstract A stochastic multiobjective programming model, an ɛ -RO (Epsilon Robust Optimization) model as a simulation–optimization model with an embedding approach, is developed for river waterExpand
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A stochastic model for behaviour of fish ascending an agricultural drainage system
Adults of Carassius auratus grandoculis ascend from Lake Biwa, Japan, into riparian paddy fields via agricultural drainage systems for the purpose of spawning. However, land improvement worksExpand
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Contribution of ICT Monitoring System in Agricultural Water Management and Environmental Conservation
In this study, the effect of ICT based monitoring system on water and labor saving, and nutrient loads reduction was evaluated. Expand
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Fuzzy optimization model for integrated management of total nitrogen loads from distributed point and nonpoint sources in watershed
A fuzzy optimization model is developed to allocate allowable total nitrogen (T-N) loads to distributed nonpoint sources (NPSs) and point sources (PSs) in a watershed for river water qualityExpand
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Stochastic multiobjective optimization model for allocating irrigation water to paddy fields
A stochastic multiobjective optimization model is presented to allocate irrigation waters to blocks of paddy fields in an agricultural district. Environmental uncertainty and temporal variation ofExpand
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A distributed hydro-environmental watershed model with three-zoned cell profiling
A cell-based distributed watershed model is developed which enables us to simulate the hydrological and hydraulic aspects of the watershed in a refined fashion. With three-zoned cell profiling, theExpand
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A simulation-optimization method for ecohydraulic design of fish habitat in a canal
A decision-support method for ecohydraulic design of a canal in rural engineering is developed using a GA (Genetic Algorithm)-based simulation-optimization technique. In order to demonstrate theExpand
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Case Study: Hydraulic Modeling of Runoff Processes in Ghanaian Inland Valleys
The inland valleys of West Africa are strategic in terms of food security and poverty alleviation, but scientific studies on hydrologic processes happening in these environments have not been wellExpand
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Robust optimization model for water quality management in river systems
An advanced robust optimization (RO) model to manage water quality in river systems is proposed which embraces every conceivable uncertainty present in water quality problems and is applicable to aExpand
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Optimization model for cropping-plan placement in paddy fields considering agricultural profit and nitrogen load management in Japan
An optimization model for cropping-plan placement on field plots is presented for supporting decision-making on agricultural management by a farming organization. The mixed 0–1 programming techniqueExpand
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