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Optimizations of ITU G.729 speech codec
In this paper several hardware and software optimization techniques are presented for efficient implementation of ITU G.729 speech codec both in hardware andSoftware. Expand
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âÂÂDesign and Development of Scalable FFT Architecture for Filter Bank De-multiplexing ApplicationâÂÂ
This paper proposes a high speed FFT implementation based on Radix-22 single path delay feedback pipelined structure which was implemented on an FPGA. Expand
DeepSRGM - Sequence Classification and Ranking in Indian Classical Music Via Deep Learning
A vital aspect of Indian Classical Music (ICM) is Raga, which serves as a melodic framework for compositions. Expand
Projection Of Tensors To Retrieve Reflected Edges From An Image
Capturing a photograph through semi reflecting surfaces such as glass window, the captured image contains combination of transmitted objects and reflected objects. Objects behind the glass are calledExpand
Design of A Generic CELP Architecture
In this paper an attempt has been made to form some special generic hardware blocks for the ITU G.729 standard (CS-ACELP, Conjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction) of 8Kbps bit rate CELP algorithm. Expand
Power and delay optimization of domino Schmitt trigger configurations with enhanced hysteresis voltage
This paper presents two domino techniques based Schmitt Trigger topologies which gives low power operation and improved hysteresis width. Expand