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Developing and Evaluating Complex Interventions: New Guidance
Peter Craig, MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network Paul Dieppe, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Oxford Sally Macintyre, MRC Social and Public Health Sciences UnitExpand
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Ozone depletion: ultraviolet radiation and phytoplankton biology in antarctic waters.
The springtime stratospheric ozone (O3) layer over the Antarctic is thinning by as much as 50 percent, resulting in increased midultraviolet (UVB) radiation reaching the surface of the SouthernExpand
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Rapid and highly variable warming of lake surface waters around the globe
In this first worldwide synthesis of in situ and satellite-derived lake data, we find that lake summer surface water temperatures rose rapidly (global mean = 0.34°C decade−1) between 1985 and 2009.Expand
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Area, Class and Health: Should we be Focusing on Places or People?
In Britain there has been a long tradition of research into associations between area of residence and health. Rarely has this involved investigating socio-economic or cultural features of areas thatExpand
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Buoyancy flux, turbulence, and the gas transfer coefficient in a stratified lake
Gas fluxes from lakes and other stratified water bodies, computed using conservative values of the gas transfer coefficient k600, have been shown to be a significant component of the carbon cycle. WeExpand
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Climate-sensitive northern lakes and ponds are critical components of methane release
Lakes and ponds represent one of the largest natural sources of the greenhouse gas methane. By surface area, almost half of these waters are located in the boreal region and northwards. A synthesisExpand
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Variability in greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost thaw ponds
Arctic climate change is leading to accelerated melting of permafrost and the mobilization of soil organic carbon pools that have accumulated over thousands of years. Photochemical and microbialExpand
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A Systematic Study of an Urban Foodscape: The Price and Availability of Food in Greater Glasgow
Previous research has suggested that foods which are beneficial to health may be more expensive, and more difficult to obtain, in deprived compared with more affluent areas, and that this may help toExpand
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Accumulation of marines now at density discontinuities in the water column
The vertical distribution of marine snow-aggregated particles >0.5 mm in diameter-was strongly correlated with density discontinuities in the upper 100 m of the water column at 33 stations offcentralExpand
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Ontological Security and Psycho-Social Benefits from the Home: Qualitative Evidence on Issues of Tenure
It has been said that people need the confidence, continuity and trust in the world which comprise ontological security in order to lead happy and fulfilled lives, and furthermore that ontologicalExpand
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