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Intergenerational Mobility in Britain
In this paper we use longitudinal data on children and their parents to assess the extent of intergenerational mobility in Britain. Based on data from the National Child Development Survey, a cohortExpand
Implications of Skill-Biased Technological Change: International Evidence
Demand for less skilled workers decreased dramatically in the US and in other developed countries over the past two decades. WE argue that pervasive skill-biased technological change, rather thanExpand
The Economic Impact of Minimum Wages in Europe
Opponents of minimum wages argue that they hurt jobs in Europe; supporters say that they combat exploitation and help the poor. We try to sort out myth from reality. Differing policy prescriptionsExpand
Crime and Immigration: Evidence from Large Immigrant Waves
Abstract This paper focuses on empirical connections between crime and immigration, studying two large waves of recent U.K. immigration (the late 1990s/early 2000s asylum seekers and the post-2004Expand
Changes in intergenerational mobility in britain
© Cambridge University Press 2004 and 2009. The extent to which children's economic or social success is shaped by the economic or social position of their parents is a contentious and hotly debatedExpand
Valuing rail access using transport innovations
Abstract This paper uses a powerful empirical method to evaluate the benefits of rail access to consumers. We study the effects on house prices of a transport innovation that altered the distance toExpand
The Profitability of Innovating Firms
This article seeks to evaluate the effects on corporate profitability of producing a major innovation. We examine two types of effect: innovations can have a direct but transitory effect onExpand
Minimum Wages and Firm Profitability
Although there is a large literature on the economic effects of minimum wages on labour market outcomes (especially employment), there is hardly any evidence on their impact on firm performance. ThisExpand
Educational Inequality and the Expansion of UK Higher Education
In this paper we explore changes over time in higher education (HE) participation and attainment between people from richer and poorer family backgrounds during a time period when the UK higherExpand
Technology and Changes in Skill Structure: Evidence from Seven OECD Countries
This paper compares the changing skill structure of wage bills and employment in the United States with six other OECD countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom). WeExpand