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Islam and Media
The most important roles of the media are agenda-setting and representation. The media, particularly from the West, seems to feature Islam constantly in the negative light. The portrayal of theExpand
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Copts and Muslims in Egypt: A Study on Harmony and Hostility
This text looks at the past experience and the peaceful co-existence of the Coptic and Muslim communities. It highlights the Copts' position under Muslim rulers, and how Muslims and Copts view theExpand
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Creation of an Islamic state between ambition and ignorance
It deals with the study on the Muslim hardliners on the concept of jihad as mentioned in Muslim religious text especially the Qur’an and the Sunnah. It studies their vision with regard to theExpand
Peaceful co-existence among adherents of Abrahamic faith
The research explores the divine principles to maintain peace and harmonious lives across races and religious boundaries in community. It deals in the first part on the concept and purpose ofExpand
Creation of Islamic state between ambition and ignorance: study on Tadfir Wa al-Hijrah in Indonesia and their interpretation toward the Qur’anv
The research attempts to study on the emergence of certain group of Muslim hard-liners in Indonesia who have the ambition to create Islamic state. They group felt disappointed when Muslim leadersExpand
The Hospitality of Communication in Islam: An Analytical Study on Contemporary Works of Tafsīr
The paper attempts to elucidate different levels of hospitality that relates to human communication. It focuses mainly on reading verses of the Qurʾān that speak of ethical conduct in dealing withExpand
Abdul Halim Hasan dan manhajnya dalam Tafsīr al-Qur’ān al-Karīm
Abdul Halim Hasan (1901-1969) adalah seorang ulama tafsir yang berasal dari Binjai, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Karya tafsirnya menjangkaui sempadan negara dan menemui pembacanya di alam MelayuExpand