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Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from beef production in western Canada: A case study
A life cycle assessment (LCA) was conducted to estimate whole-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from beef production in western Canada. The aim was to determine the relative contributions of theExpand
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Precipitation Trends on the Canadian Prairies
Abstract The Canadian prairies are a major producer of grain, much of which is produced under rain-fed agriculture. The amount and timing of precipitation are critical to grain production.Expand
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Agroecosystems and Land Resources of the Northern Great Plains
The northern Great Plains have long been dominated by conventional tillage systems and cereal-based rotations including summer fallow. Over the last decade, however, the use of conservation tillageExpand
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Adaptation of Pulse Crops to the Changing Climate of the Northern Great Plains
Climate over the northern Great Plains has generally warmed over the last 60 yr. The rate of warming has varied temporally and spatially, confounding trend analysis for climate indicators such asExpand
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Quantifying wind erosion on summer fallow in southern Alberta
ABSTRACT: Wind erosion on summer fallow is a pervasive problem on the semi-arid Canadian prairies. Quantifying soil losses caused by wind erosion in terms of weight of topsoil per unit area has notExpand
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Assessment of climate change on the Canadian prairies from downscaled GCM data
Abstract Climate data were taken from the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCma) Second Generation Global Circulation Model (GCMII) and the more recently developed CanadianExpand
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Effect of dried distillers' grains with solubles on enteric methane emissions and nitrogen excretion from finishing beef cattle
Hünerberg, M., McGinn, S. M., Beauchemin, K. A., Okine, E. K., Harstad, O. M. and McAllister, T. A. 2013. Effect of dried distillers' grains with solubles on enteric methane emissions and nitrogenExpand
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A comparison of methods to estimate daily global solar irradiation from other climatic variables on the Canadian prairies
Abstract Historic estimates of daily global solar irradiation are often required for climatic impact studies. Regression equations with daily global solar irradiation, H, as the dependent variableExpand
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Methane emissions, feed intake, and total tract digestibility in lambs fed diets differing in fat content and fibre digestibility
Abstract: This study determined enteric methane (CH4) emissions, intake, and apparent total tract digestibility of diets varying in fibre digestibility and fat content. A Latin square design with twoExpand
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NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE Seasonal and Spatial Patterns of Rainfall Trends on the Canadian Prairies
Regression analysis was used to establish linear trends of rainfall amounts and number of events at 140 stations with 40 years of record across the Canadian prairies. Annual rainfall was furtherExpand
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