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Draft genome of the living fossil Ginkgo biloba
BackgroundGinkgo biloba L. (Ginkgoaceae) is one of the most distinctive plants. It possesses a suite of fascinating characteristics including a large genome, outstanding resistance/tolerance toExpand
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Berberine protects against 6-OHDA-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells and zebrafish through hormetic mechanisms involving PI3K/AKT/Bcl-2 and Nrf2/HO-1 pathways
Berberine (BBR) is a renowned natural compound that exhibits potent neuroprotective activities. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms are still unclear. Hormesis is an adaptive mechanismExpand
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pH-sensitive polymeric nanoparticles for co-delivery of doxorubicin and curcumin to treat cancer via enhanced pro-apoptotic and anti-angiogenic activities.
Co-delivery of multiple drugs with complementary anticancer mechanisms by nano-carriers offers an effective strategy to treat cancer. The combination of drugs with pro-apoptotic and anti-angiogenicExpand
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In vitro and in vivo structure and activity relationship analysis of polymethoxylated flavonoids: identifying sinensetin as a novel antiangiogenesis agent.
SCOPE Polymethoxylated flavonoids are present in citrus fruit in a range of chemical structures and abundance. These compounds have potential for anticarcinogenesis, antitumor, and cardiovascularExpand
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Identification of long non-coding RNAs in two anthozoan species and their possible implications for coral bleaching
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been shown to play regulatory roles in a diverse range of biological processes and are associated with the outcomes of various diseases. The majority of studiesExpand
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Inhibition of human equilibrative nucleoside transporters by 4-((4-(2-fluorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl)methyl)-6-imino-N-(naphthalen-2-yl)-1,3,5-triazin-2-amine.
Equilibrative nucleoside transporters (ENTs) play a crucial role in the transport of nucleoside and nucleoside analogues, which are important for nucleotide synthesis and chemotherapy. In addition,Expand
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A chromosome-level genome of black rockfish, Sebastes schlegelii, provides insights into the evolution of live birth
Black rockfish (Sebastes schlegelii) is a teleost species where eggs are fertilized internally and retained in the maternal reproductive system, where they undergo development until live birthExpand
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cDNA microarray analysis of early gene expression profiles associated with hepatitis B virus X protein-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis.
Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is one of the major causes of hepatocellular carcinoma. HBV encodes an oncogenic hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx), which can transactivate host cellExpand
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Multifunction of Chrysin in Parkinson's Model: Anti-Neuronal Apoptosis, Neuroprotection via Activation of MEF2D, and Inhibition of Monoamine Oxidase-B.
Chrysin, a flavonoid compound existing in several plants, is applied as a dietary supplement because of its beneficial effects on general human health and alleviation of neurological disorders.Expand
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A novel agent exerts antitumor activity in breast cancer cells by targeting mitochondrial complex II
The mitochondrial respiratory chain, including mitochondrial complex II, has emerged as a potential target for cancer therapy. In the present study, a novel conjugate of danshensu (DSS) andExpand
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