S. M. Azharul Karim

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Twenty-four 14-day-old weaner Avivastra (Russian MerinoxNali) male lambs were maintained for 180 days on ad libidum Cenchrus (Cenchrus ciliaris) hay and concentrate mixture (CM) contained groundnut(More)
Three yeast strains, Kluyveromyces marximanus NRRL-3234 (KM), Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCDC-42 (SC) and Saccharomyces uvarum ATCC-9080 (SU), and a mixed culture (1:1:1 ratio) were evaluated for their(More)
2a 2b dihomo 15(S) 15 methyl PGF2 alpha methyl ester (dihomo 15 me PGF2 alpha) in intramuscular doses of 0.5 mg 8 hourly was used in 631 patients with abnormal intrauterine pregnancy comprising 282(More)