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Comparison of the biological activities in venoms from three subspecies of the South American rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus terrificus, C. durissus cascavella and C. durissus collilineatus)
The subspecies of the South American rattlesnake, Crotalus durissus are classified according to their external morphological features and geographical distribution. We have determined some biologicalExpand
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Life-history adaptations to arboreality in snakes.
If selective forces on locomotor ability and reproductive biology differ among habitats, we expect to see relationships between habitat, morphology, and life-history traits. ComparativeExpand
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Reproductive cycle of the Neotropical Crotalus durissus terrificus: I. Seasonal levels and interplay between steroid hormones and vasotocinase.
Crotaline snakes present delayed fertilization and sperm storage because secondary vitellogenesis is not completed by the time of mating. The release of vitellogenesis and synchrony between ovulationExpand
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Reproductive biology of the southern Brazilian pitviper Bothrops neuwiedi pubescens (Serpentes, Viperidae)
Dissection of 286 specimens of the Bothrops neuwiedi pubescens , combined with data on captive individuals, provided information on the reproductive biology of this viperid snake from southernExpand
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Sperm storage in males of the snake Crotalus durissus terrificus (Crotalinae: Viperidae) in southeastern Brazil.
Seasonal variations in spermatozoa numbers and in sperm motility along the vas deferens in Crotalus durissus terrificus from southeastern Brazil were analyzed. Our data demonstrate storage andExpand
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Long-Term Sperm Storage in the Female Neotropical Rattlesnake Crotalus durissus terrificus ( Viperidae : Crotalinae )
This paper reports the muscular twisting and convolution of the uterus in Crotalus durissus terrificus as a strategy to store sperm over winter (long-term sperm storage). Aspects of the femaleExpand
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Abstract Seasonal abundance of four species of Micrurus in Southern and Southeastern Brazil was inferred from collection data for eight years at the Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, Brazil. For mostExpand
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Biologia reprodutiva de serpentes brasileiras
Study on reproduction of neotropical snakes has received more attention in the last decades, mainly by using preserved specimens on scientific collections. This brief revision intends to assembleExpand
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Reproductive cycle of the Neotropical Crotalus durissus terrificus: II. Establishment and maintenance of the uterine muscular twisting, a strategy for long-term sperm storage.
Crotaline snakes store sperm by means of a uterine musculature twisting (UMT). We investigated the influence of plasma levels of estradiol and progesterone and vasotocinase cystine aminopeptidaseExpand
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