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Brazil's neglected biome: The South Brazilian Campos
The South Brazilian grasslands occupy some 13.7 million ha and support very high levels of biodiversity. This paper reviews the current state of ecological knowledge on South Brazilian Campos and ofExpand
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Fine-scale post-fire dynamics in southern Brazilian subtropical grassland
Abstract Question: How does fire influence species richness and diversity in subtropical grassland in southern Brazil? Location: Recurrently burned grassland in Porto Alegre, Brazil (30°03′ S, 51°07′Expand
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Late-Holocene fire history in a forest-grassland mosaic in southern Brasil: Implications for conservation
ABSTRACT Question: Is the diverse mosaic of forest/grassland (Campos) vegetation on the hills in the Porto Alegre region natural or of anthropogenic origin? What are the best approaches to managementExpand
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Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness
Grassland diversity and ecosystem productivity The relationship between plant species diversity and ecosystem productivity is controversial. The debate concerns whether diversity peaks atExpand
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Conservation in Brazil needs to include non‐forest ecosystems
In the past decades, Brazil made important progress in the conservation of forest ecosystems. Non-forest ecosystems (NFE), in contrast, have been neglected, even though they cover large parts of theExpand
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No heat-stimulated germination found in herbaceous species from burned subtropical grassland
Fire has been shown to stimulate seed germination in a number of fire-prone ecosystems, mainly in Mediterranean type shrublands and, though not exclusively, in hardseeded species. Stimulation byExpand
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TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
We evaluate the extent of the trait data compiled in TRY and analyse emerging patterns of data coverage and representativeness of these continuous traits in many aspects. Expand
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Integrating ecosystem functions into restoration ecology—recent advances and future directions
Including ecosystem functions into restoration ecology has been repeatedly suggested, yet there is limited evidence that this is taking place without bias to certain habitats, species, or functions. Expand
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Floristic composition, environmental variation and species distribution patterns in burned grassland in southern Brazil.
In regularly burned grassland on Morro Santana, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, we investigated differences in the floristic composition and their relation to soil properties, aspect and distance from theExpand
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