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Dependence of the two-photon photoluminescence yield of gold nanostructures on the laser pulse duration
Two-photon photoluminescence (TPPL) from gold nanostructures is becoming one of the most relevant tools for plasmon-assisted biological imaging and photothermal therapy as well as for the
Template-grown NiFe/Cu/NiFe nanowires for spin transfer devices.
We have developed a new reliable method combining template synthesis and nanolithography-based contacting technique to elaborate current perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance spin valve
Integrative Biomimetics of Autonomous Hexapedal Locomotion
The walking robot HECTOR is introduced as a research platform for integrative biomimetics of hexapedal locomotion and offers many opportunities to integrate research effort across biomimetic research on actuation, sensory-motor feedback, inter-leg coordination, and cognitive abilities such as motion planning and learning of its own body size.
Magnetic films for electromagnetic actuation in MEMS switches
This paper investigates the fabrication of magnetic films via electroplating to be applied into electromagnetic actuated micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) switches. Cobalt and nickel films (1
Nanowire-templated microelectrodes for high-sensitivity pH detection
A highly sensitive pH capacitive sensor has been designed by confined growth of vertically aligned nanowire arrays on interdigited microelectrodes. The active surface of the device has been
Current-voltage characteristics of quasi-one-dimensional superconductors: an S-shaped curve in the constant voltage regime.
Applying a constant voltage to superconducting nanowires is found to exhibit an unusual S behavior, which is the direct consequence of the dynamics of the supercondensate and of the existence of two different critical currents.
Condition for the occurrence of phase slip centers in superconducting nanowires under applied current or voltage
Experimental results on the phase slip process in superconducting lead nanowires are presented under two different experimental conditions: constant applied current or constant voltage. Based on
Current-voltage characteristics of Pb and Sn granular superconducting nanowires
Arrays of granular superconducting Pb and Sn nanowires (40 - 55 nm in diameter and 22 or 50 mum long) have been prepared by electrodeposition in nanoporous membranes. A simple technique has been
Modeling Vaporization, Gas Generation and Venting in Li-Ion Battery Cells with a Dimethyl Carbonate Electrolyte
This paper presents a mathematical model developed for predicting the temperature-pressure behavior and gas generation inside 18650 LCO/Graphite cells with a DMC (Dimethyl Carbonate) electrolyte. The